How do I know if my child has low self-esteem?

When someone has low self-esteem, they’re more likely to think negatively about their abilities and worth more. The more they have these thoughts, the harder it is to feel happy about themselves.



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Signs someone has low self-esteem can include:

  • Comparing themselves to others
  • Blaming themselves for things
  • Persistent fear of failure
  • Trying to please others
  • Getting defensive when they feel criticised
  • Avoiding certain situations
  • Neglecting or even abusing themselves (in more severe cases).

There’s no single cause for low self-esteem. Negative friends or overly critical adults may play a part. Feeling lonely, bullied or neglected can also be a factor.

You may feel sad if you notice your child seems to feel less positive. Try to take notice more often how your child feels about themselves. This will help you find ways to support them.

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