About us

About us

Parent Talk offers free, down-to-earth advice for parents of children aged 0-19 in the UK. All our content is written or curated by Action for Children’s parenting coaches. It’s based on their experiences working with children, young people and their families.

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About us
About us

Our parenting coaches

We’ll connect you with a parenting coach for judgment-free advice and emotional support. No question is too big, small, or embarrassing. Our parenting coaches have seen and solved it all, from weaning tips to teenage worries. They’re qualified and experienced support workers, childminders, play practitioners, and teachers. They’re parents and carers, just like you.

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Jo M

I have over 20 years experience of working with children and families and have been with Action for Children since 2012. This includes a trauma response project. Since 2019 I've managed the Parent Talk chat service, and I'm trained to deliver Incredible Years and Family Links parenting programmes.

Jo T

I’ve been with Action for Children since 2018, first as a Family Support Worker in a children’s centre, and now on the live chat service as a Co-ordinator. I've worked in pastoral and family support, and have a particular interest in supporting families impacted by SEND.


I have 18 years’ experience in early years. This includes an honours degree, as well as providing learning support in a primary school, crèche work, and my current role with Action for Children. My expertise includes supporting children’s learning and development.


I have been working for Action for Children since 2009 and with children and families for 18 years. My experience includes time as a nursery nurse and working in children’s centres and with parenting groups. I support families with parenting skills, mental health, substance misuse and day-to-day family life.


I’m a Family Support Practitioner with Action for Children in the North East. I’ve been working with families for around eight years and have a strong background working with children from 0-18 and their families.


I have two years experience providing targeted support for children and families. This includes one-to-one and group support in the community, home and online. My experience includes emotional wellbeing and parenting strategies. 


I’ve been working with children, young people and families for 20 years. I’ve worked with homeless young people and youth groups on the streets, and supported young parents. I support families with issues such as emotional wellbeing, domestic abuse recovery and parenting.


I worked in teaching before joining Action for Children in 2018. Since then I’ve worked with young adults with learning disabilities and/or autism and deliver the Separated Parents Information Programme for the courts.


I’ve worked with children and families for more than six years. I have worked in schools with children with additional needs, in children’s care homes for those who have experienced trauma, and as a Family Support Worker in the community. My expertise include managing challenging behaviour, supporting families through child exploitation, and autism and SEND.


I've worked with children and families for more than 10 years, including as an Early Years Practitioner in childcare settings. I've worked at Action for Children for over three years, supporting families with a range of issues such as parenting, child development and speech and language development.


I’ve been with Action for Children for more than five years. I support families in their homes, in the community, online and in my current role as one of the Parent Talk Service Co-ordinators. My experience covers parenting strategies, emotional wellbeing and child development.


I’ve worked in children's centres for 20 years, 10 of those at Action for Children. I help families provide the best start in life possible for their children. I have delivered parenting courses, worked with families in their home and co-ordinated family learning courses. I am a qualified Community and Youth Worker.


I joined Action for Children in 2020, initially as a Family Support Worker in a children’s centre, and then as a Support Worker on the live chat service. Previously, I worked for several years as a primary school teacher before move to youth work, victim support and then retraining as a CBT wellbeing practitioner for children and young people.


I’ve been with Action for Children for seven years and working with children, young people and families for 19 years. In that time I’ve had many roles, including as a Family Support Worker in the community and online, working for a charity offering trauma therapy for children and young people. I’ve also delivered the Separated Parenting Information Programme.

Jo B

I have worked with children and families for over 20 years. I joined Action for Children in 2018 as a Family Support Practitioner. I also deliver the Incredible Years advanced programme to parents. I am passionate about supporting children, young people and parents with their emotional wellbeing.


I have worked with children and families for 13 years. I'm experienced in early years, supporting families with child development, speech and language, play, behaviour. I'm also a qualified IAIM baby massage instructor.


I’ve been working for Action for Children since 2017. I was a Family Support Practitioner on a wellbeing service in Wales, and am now a Family Support Practitioner on the live chat service. I’ve supported children, young people and adults with their emotional health and wellbeing.

What parents say about us

  • “Yesterday I was at breaking point. Today I feel hopeful and positive that I can deal with things and make a positive change. Thank you so much!”
  • “The parenting coach was absolutely brilliant. They helped me so much with great advice, links for more support and giving me the confidence that I am on the right tracks with my son. It’s like a weight has been lifted, knowing that I can access free support at such a high level. I cannot recommend and thank them enough.”
  • “Amazing help – a quick resolution to a massively devastating incident which now doesn’t look so bad.”
  • “Absolutely fabulous. They’ve left me feeling more positive with the support and the links she’s left for us … The most understanding, patient, helpful person I’ve spoken with in a long time. Wonderful. I could really go in for ages how great they’ve been but I best leave it there. Thank you again.

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About Action for Children

At Action for Children, we believe that every child should grow up safe and happy. That’s why we provide support to help them thrive and offer help when times get tough. We believe in building solid foundations and spotting problems early. We work on the ground with families, through more than 476 local services. We’re also in schools, online, and talking to the government. We support more than 387,000 children, young people and their families in the UK every year. Find out more about our work on our main website.

Spring Nurseries

Action for Children also runs Spring Nurseries, offering award-winning, affordable early years education and childcare. All nurseries are rated 100% Good or Outstanding by Ofsted, or equivalent standards in Scotland and Wales. Spring has 44 nurseries across the UK, providing high-quality care from birth to five years. We help children with key milestones like speech, language and physical coordination. We support them to learn, have fun and make friends. And we’ll work with parents to ensure you are involved in your children’s learning.

Find out more about what’s on offer at the Spring Nurseries website.