Rules and rewards Rules and rewards

Ways to manage your child or teenager’s behaviour

Rules and rewards

How can I manage my toddler’s behaviour?

Toddlers can’t understand the logic behind your instructions. That makes it hard to encourage good behaviour and respond to challenging behaviour.

How can I use a reward chart?

A reward chart is way to help your child to learn new skills, like following instructions.

How do I set house rules for my teenager?

Pushing against boundaries is part of growing up. House rules benefit the whole family, so everyone knows what’s expected of them.

How can I discipline my child without smacking?

It’s important to understand the laws on physical punishment, the effect on your child, and other ways of managing behaviour.

What can I do if my child always says “no”?

Clear instructions and boundaries help children learn how to behave. These tips can help.

How can I reward good behaviour?

Giving praise is a great way to encourage good behaviour. Children need help to connect praise to their actions.

How can I manage my teenager’s challenging behaviour?

If your child or teenager is showing challenging behaviour, it can be hard to know what to do.

7 top tips for using a reward chart

A reward chart is a tool for encouraging and praising the positive behaviour of your child.

How can I get my child to do what I ask?

It’s common for children to misbehave. Giving clear instructions and boundaries can help.

How do I use a time out?

Time outs are a way of dealing with challenging behaviour. They help to take a break and calm down.