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Caring for a child with Autism or ADHD, getting a diagnosis and what this means for you and child


How can I support a child with ADHD at home?

Understanding your ADHD child’s behaviour and what they need from you can have a positive effect on your child and family.

What should I do if I think my child is autistic?

If you think your child is showing signs of autism, there is a process you can follow to get a diagnosis.

My child won’t eat properly and has additional needs

Any child can be a fussy eater. But refusing foods is common for neurodivergent children.

Does my child have ADHD?

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) can show up in a variety of different ways.

My child has been referred for an autism assessment, what should I expect?

If your child has been referred for an autism assessment, find out what to expect.

How can I deal with an autistic meltdown?

Autistic meltdowns are a response to the mind or body feeling overwhelmed. They may appear to happen without warning.

How can I keep my child with SEN safe?

Children with additional learning needs may be more vulnerable to some risks than other children.

How can I support my child with PDA?

People with a PDA profile avoid everyday demands and expectations. This demand avoidance can come with high levels of anxiety.

Helping your neurodivergent child cope with Christmas

Christmas can be a tricky time for neurodivergent children. Planning in advance can help you to adapt.

What happens after my child gets an autism diagnosis?

If your child has got an autism diagnosis, this can help you to understand your child and their needs better.

How can I support my child without an autism diagnosis?

If you think your child might be autistic, you can still help and support them without a formal diagnosis.

What is executive function disorder?

Children with executive function disorder find it difficult to do some tasks that seem simple to other people.

Autism and mental health

If your child is autistic, they may experience some mental health challenges. Here’s how you can help support them.

Autism and anxiety

Autistic children may experience anxious feelings more intensely than other children. It is helpful to know the signs of anxiety.