Fun at home Fun at home

Ideas for celebrations and keeping children and teenagers entertained

Fun at home

Activity ideas for teens

Suggest some ideas to see what your child is interested in, but let them choose what works for them.

Activity ideas for children aged five to 12

Try a mix of things to engage your child's brain, burn some energy and make them smile.

Activity ideas for toddlers

These activities are good for building motor skills (building strength and movement), having fun and encouraging creativity.

Hannukah activities for children

Try some games or read books to help your child learn about the Jewish Festival of Lights.

Activity: make playdough

Make your own playdough at home for your child using a recipe from everyday ingredients.

How can I keep my children entertained at home?

When playing at home, try taking your child’s lead by noticing what they seem interested in.

Summer activity ideas for children

Cost-free activities to try with your family to keep your child entertained during the summer months.

Ramadan activities for children

Activities and games can be a helpful way to teach children about the holy month of Ramadan celebrated by Muslims.

4 Christmas crafts for toddlers and children

Make decorations, cards and gifts with your child to make your home feel more festive or to give to friends.  

Christmas activities for babies and toddlers

Try some Christmas crafts and activities with your child to introduce new play and stimulate their senses.

6 food-based Christmas activities for teenagers

If your child likes cooking or creating things, try making some Christmas food together for meals, snacks or decoration.