How can I help if my child has low self-esteem?

Everyone has times when they feel good about themselves, and times when they feel a little worse. Self-esteem plays an important part in being able to see ourselves in a positive light more often.

If your child feels down on themselves, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong as a parent. The important thing to remember is that you can support them to feel more positive.

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  • Spending time together is a simple way to remind your child you love and value them as they are. This could be something like playing games or watching TV.
  • Try to ask them about how they feel with how things are going in their lives. If you notice them saying negative things about themselves, ask why they feel that way.
  • How we think affects how we feel. Get them to try spotting their negative thoughts and challenging if these are true.
You can also take time with them to understand how social media affects self-esteem. Or help them start a diary to spot when things go well. If your child’s self-esteem is making them feel low a lot, see our advice on low mood. Helping your child build positive self-esteem will take time. Be gentle, but keep supporting them.
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