Can my child’s EHCP be changed?

If you disagree with something in your child’s EHCP or EHC plan (also known as an Education, Health and Care Plan), you can appeal to get it changed. 

Appeals go through an independent SEND tribunal. But you may not need to take your concerns to court, if you can come to an agreement with the local authority. 

Changing your child’s EHC plan may feel daunting, especially if you have had a long wait to get it in the first place. You can get support with the process if you need it.

Challenging part of your child's EHCP

You must usually consider mediation before going to a SEND tribunal. Mediation can help you and the local authority find a solution without starting a legal process.

  • You don’t have to go through mediation, but you need to show you have considered it.  
  • You will need a certificate from the mediation service, even if you choose not to have mediation. 
  • Note that you won’t need to consider mediation if your appeal is about which school or institution your child attends.  

If you decide to appeal, you will need to complete a SEND35 form. The government has some information about the appeal process.

Getting advice on the process

It can be helpful to have some support when challenging an EHC plan.  

 You may want to seek advice from the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Services (SENDIASS). Try an online search with the name of your local area and ‘SENDIASS’ to find one near you. 

Charity KIDS has more information on mediation. It offers a free mediation service for families with children with SEND aged 0 to 25.

You might also want to: 

  • Search for local support groups that focus on special educational needs or parenting.  
  • Look at Scope’s parenting forum, for other parents going through a similar process.  
  • Speak to your school’s family support worker, if they have one.  
  • Contact one of the National Autistic Society’s local support groups.   

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