My child’s school won’t support an EHCP application

When you’re applying for an EHCP or EHC plan (Education, Health and Care Plan), your school will be asked to provide evidence of your child’s support needs to the local authority. 

If the staff at your child’s school don’t feel that your child needs an EHC plan, it’s important that you discuss this with them.  

An EHC plan outlines any additional needs your child has and how your local authority must support your child. The process is slightly different in WalesScotland and Ireland.

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Talk to the school

Try asking for a meeting with your school’s SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator). Use the meeting to discuss why the school doesn’t think your child needs an EHC plan. Listen to their reasoning. Explain why you think your child needs the extra support.  

If you can, try to come to an agreement that will give your child the support they need. Your school may be able to put some support in place without an EHC plan.   

For example, if your child struggles with busy environments, the school may be able to adjust their start time so they arrive at a different time to others. 

What information to take

It might be helpful to write down some bullet points before the meeting, so you have your thoughts clear. Consider including:  

  • Your child’s needs.
  • How your child’s needs are being met, and where the gaps in support are.  
  • What evidence you can give of your child’s specific needs, behaviours, triggers and what they find difficult. This could include a behaviour diary, or any assessments or reports. 
  • What support you give your child. You can also ask other family members and any professionals working with your child to share what they can do.
  • What benefit an EHC plan might have for your child.  

How to keep a behaviour diary

If you can't agree

If you still disagree with the school, try speaking to a local advice service. Search for ‘SENDIASS’ and your local area to find your nearest Special Educational Needs Information and Advice Information Support Service.  

You may be able to apply directly to your local authority for an EHC plan assessment. Look on your local authority’s website for more information.   

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