Why has my baby’s sleep routine changed?

It’s natural for your baby’s sleep routine to change from time to time. This is usually nothing to worry about.

Sometimes your baby may settle into a routine, only for it to change for no obvious reason. This can be tricky for you and your family to adapt to, but it’s usually more inconvenient than anything serious.

    Why sleep routines might change:

    • Babies need more sleep during periods of rapid growth.
    • Learning new skills like crawling or walking takes a lot of energy and will tire them out more.
    • They may be disrupted by changes in the family routine.
    • They’re teething or unsettled by something.
    • Occasionally, it may be because they’re unwell.

    If you’re concerned, remember you can always ask a health professional, or talk to one of our parenting coaches on the live chat.

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