Sleep Sleep

Routines, settling your baby, keeping a sleep diary and where your baby should sleep


How much sleep does my child need?

How much sleep children need depends on their age. We recommend following these NHS guidelines.

Why won’t my baby settle?

It’s natural to feel anxious when your baby won’t settle, but it’s worth going through this checklist first.

Why has my baby’s sleep routine changed?

It’s natural for your baby’s sleep routine to change from time to time. This is usually nothing to worry about.

Where should my baby sleep?

We recommend your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months.

When and how should I move my baby out of my bedroom?

As your baby gets older, you might start thinking about moving them out of your bedroom at night.

How do I use a sleep diary with my child?

If your child has disturbed sleep, a sleep diary can help you understand what’s causing difficulties.

How do I settle my baby to sleep?

Most babies need help to get to sleep. Here are tips for settling babies of all ages to sleep.