How much sleep does my child need?

How much sleep children need depends on their age. We recommend the NHS guidelines below.

In practice, you might find that what suits your child varies from this a little.

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Children aged 0 to five

Younger children need more sleep.

AgeDaytime napAt night
1 week8 hours8 hours 30 minutes
4 weeks6 to 7 hours8 to 9 hours
3 months4 to 5 hours10 to 11 hours
6 months3 hours11 hours
9 months2 hours 30 minutes11 hours
12 months2 hours 30 minutes11 hours
2 years1 hour 30 minutes11 hours 30 minutes
3 years0 – 45 mins11 hours 30 minutes – 12 hours
4 years11 hours 30 minutes
5 years11 hours

Children aged six to 16

The amount of sleep children need decreases as they get older.

AgeRecommended amount of sleep
6 years10 hours 45 minutes
7 years10 hours 30 minutes
8 years10 hours 15 minutes
9 years10 hours
10 years9 hours 45 minutes
11 years9 hours 30 minutes
12 years9 hours 15 minutes
13 years9 hours 15 minutes
14-16 years9 hours
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