How can I help my teenager sleep better?

During sleep, adolescent brains go through similar developmental changes as growing toddlers. Their sleep cycle is altering, so they tend to get sleepy later than children or adults. Good rest is essential, and teenagers still need between nine and 10 hours of sleep each night. These tips help maintain a good routine.

Teenage girl sleeping
  • Encourage them to turn off TV, phone and computer screens an hour before bed. Their artificial light disrupts melatonin (the hormone that makes us feel sleepy).
  • Get them to use the hour before bed to wind down. Have a bath, read, or do something else relaxing.
  • Encourage them to keep bed for sleeping. Help them limit the time they spend in bed eating, going online, playing games or doing school work.
  • Make sure they get some physical activity during the day (but not just before bedtime).
  • Check they’re not drinking too much caffeine, or eating too late in the evening.
  • Help them make their bedroom as comfortable as possible. Try to keep it clutter-free, at a good temperature, and with their preferred amount of light.
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