What portion sizes should I give my baby during the first six months of weaning?

Babies don’t need much solid food when they start weaning at about six months old. They get most nutrients from breast milk or formula, so it’s more about building food confidence. We recommend following these NHS guidelines.

Get your baby used to eating

The most important thing is getting babies used to new tastes and textures, and learning how to move solid foods around their mouths and how to swallow them.

  • Start by offering just a few pieces (or teaspoons) of food, once a day.
  • At the beginning, getting used to eating is more important than how much your food your baby takes.
  • Remember: babies don’t need three meals a day right away.
  • Offer foods at times that suit you both.
  • Slowly increase the amount and variety your baby eats.

As your baby grows, you can start to introduce more tastes. The NHS website has advice for babies seven to nine months old, and 10 to 12 months.

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