What are the stages of weaning?

Every baby goes through weaning at their own pace. At first, weaning is more about getting your baby used to eating and enjoying solid food.

There are stages that most babies go through at a certain time, but don’t worry if your child is still struggling with solid foods after six months.

Read more about introducing your baby to solid food in the NHS guidelines.

Weaning stages

  • Under six months: Babies can get all their energy and nutrients from breast milk or formula. 
  • Six to seven months: If your baby is ready, start introducing them to new tastes and textures. This period is all about building food confidence.
  • Seven to nine months: Your baby will be able to eat some soft or mashed food three times a day. They might also start picking up and eating finger foods themselves. At this stage, they will still need breast milk or formula.
  • 10 to 12 months: Your baby can have meals chopped into bigger, soft lumps. They’ll also be able to put small pieces of food into their mouth themselves.
  • One year and older: Babies should be starting to eat a wider range of foods, and use a cup instead of a bottle for drinks. By now, they’ll get most of their nutrients from solid foods. Some babies will still be breastfeeding at this age. Breastmilk still provides energy and protection from infection, and helps with bonding.
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