Go on a nature trail

If you’re looking for fun activities to keep children entertained, think about creating your own nature trail.

Head outside and see what you can find. This activity can work whether you’ve got access to green space or in a more urban enviroment.

Activities to help your child notice nature

  • Turn it into a game. Create a scavenger hunt or “I Spy” list with things you might find. You could include a rock, a specific flower, something naturally round. Look for the biggest leaf, and spot a squirrel or a bird. Then, go outside and see how many you can tick off the list.
  • Keep an eye out for any unique-looking trees. Do any of them have hollows in the trunk or roots that look like a face? Is there a tree that stands out from the rest because it’s so much bigger? Can you and your child touch hands when you wrap your arms around the trunk?
  • Take bark rubbings. Hold a piece of paper against a tree trunk and rub a wax crayon on the paper to copy the pattern of the bark.
  • Ask your child to collect any objects that catch their eye. As long as it’s safe to do so, take them home with you as craft supplies and create a collage with them. Your child could add any bark rubbings they did, and drawings of any animals they spotted. Preserve your nature trail memories while building their creativity.
  • Make “nature’s paintbrushes”. Carefully snip off some leafy bits from a plant or collect any feathers you find on your trail. Tie them to a twig with an elastic band and use this to do some painting. Your child can experiment with the different textures that plants and leaves create.
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