Why won’t my baby settle?

It’s natural to feel anxious when your baby won’t settle or keeps waking up in the middle of the night. Keep in mind that it is very common for children to wake during the night up until they are at least one.

You should always seek advice when you need to, but it’s worth checking a few things first. 

Settled baby sleeping

Understand what to expect

Under the age of three months, your baby is adapting to their new world. Life is colder, nosier and more startling. They may cry often during this period.

Most babies are unable to sleep through the night under three months of age. Some newborns may need to feed regularly, which mean waking up a few times during the night. 

Check if your child needs something

Try to determine if your child is struggling to settle because they need help meeting a need.

  • Are they hungry?
  • Too hot or cold?
  • Do they need their nappy changed?
  • Are they over-tired?
  • Do they need winding?

Know when to get support

Sometimes you can run through all the obvious things only to find your baby still won’t sleep. This is normal from time to time in young babies, but it’s OK to get advice if you need it.  

It could be helpful to create a sleep diary, where you write down when and how long your baby sleeps for. If you have ongoing concerns, talk to your GP or health professional.

You can also read our tips for helping your baby to sleep.

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