Where should my baby sleep?

We recommend your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months.

The Lullaby Trust recommends keeping your baby close by in a separate cot or a Moses basket. This helps to reduce the chances of sudden infant death and makes it easier to cope with  night feeds.

Dad sleeping next to baby whilst other baby is in a cot


Some parents choose to co-sleep with their baby in the same bed. The Lullaby Trust gives some helpful tips on making co-sleeping more safe. They include:

  • Clearing a space on the bed for baby to sleep, free of blankets, pillows, and bedding. 
  • Never sleeping with your baby on a sofa or chair.
  • Avoiding co-sleeping if anyone in the bed smokes, has had alcohol, or has taken medication that makes them drowsy.
  • Not co-sleeping if your baby has been born premature or at a low birth weight.

Helping your baby sleep

It’s normal for new babies to only sleep for two to three hours at a time. This is the same at night as during the day. One reason is that newborn babies are not tuned into day and night yet.

Babies also grow quickly in the early months and they have very small stomachs. This means they need to feed little and often. As your baby grows, they’ll gradually start to need fewer night feeds and will sleep for longer at a time.

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