Activity: create a mindful moment to relax or fall asleep

Here are two guided activities that work well for helping older children and teenagers feel calm and relaxed.

Dad hugging child

Imagine a calming space

  • Suggest your child brings to mind somewhere they feel calm and relaxed. This could be a real or imagined place. Encourage them to use all their senses to help them visualise how the place smells, looks and feels.
  • If they’re worried about something, they might prefer to bring that situation to mind, but imagine it going exactly as they want.

Relax the muscles

Another way to create a calm head space is to take a few moments to relax the muscles. Get your child to:

  • Tense and relax each limb, one by one.
  • Focus on the weight of their arms and legs, and feel how they’re sinking a little into the mattress.
  • Tense and then relax their stomach.
  • Finally, lie still for a few minutes just breathing. Be aware of the heavy and relaxed feelings in their body.
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