Common weaning worries

Lots of parents worry about choking, constipation and allergies when weaning. The advice below can minimise risk and help you deal with any problems.

Two toddlers in high chairs


Although it’s frightening, choking is rare. Babies use their gag reflex to prevent choking, by bringing food back into position so they can chew it. You’ll see your child do this a lot while trying new foods.

You should still always stay with your baby during mealtimes. It’s also worth knowing how to help a choking child.


Constipation is common while weaning. Make sure your child drinks enough water with meals, and include vegetables and fruits. Massaging their tummy or cycling their legs can relieve pain if they’re constipated.


Introduce foods that could cause an allergic reaction one at a time and in very small amounts. This makes it easier to spot a reaction and know what caused it. The NHS has more advice about food allergies and weaning.

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