Activity: walk away from stressful thoughts

This activity works well with any age. It helps by bringing some distance to stressful feelings. Distance can help you acknowledge and understand the feeling you’re having.

A happy girl looking into the distance
  • Encourage your child to take a walk outside when they face a stressful situation. Younger children should be accompanied, but teens may prefer to go alone if it’s safe. Get teens to turn off their phone and focus on their surroundings. What do they see, smell, hear and touch? How does this make them feel?
  • If they’re not able to go outside or walk away from the situation, suggest they breathe deeply for a few moments. It can help them feel more grounded.
  • It’s OK if stressful thoughts return. Tell them to take a moment to feel it before returning their focus to what’s around them. The process should help move their attention away from the cause of stress.
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