Activity: using a diary to boost self-esteem

Keeping a diary can help your child start to recognise when things go well, and what they’re good at. When we’re feeling low, we often forget to notice the positive stuff.

A girl writing in her diary

This activity is good for all ages. Start by asking if your child would like to have a go at a diary or journal. Then get them to talk, draw or write something about each point below.

  • Today I had fun when…
  • I helped someone to…
  • Something I did well today was…
  • A nice thing someone did for me today was…
  • Today was interesting because…
  • I felt good about myself today when…
  • I felt proud today when…

It’s helpful to make a new list of successes every day, perhaps before bed. But your child can do this as regularly or occasionally as they like.

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