Activity: understand how social media affects self-esteem

Take some time with your child or teenager to think about when social media is a helpful or hurtful influence. You can introduce these ideas just by chatting together.

A girl typing into her mobile
  • Ask why your child enjoys social media. What kinds of accounts do they follow? What do they post about?
  • Get your child to think about whether ‘likes’ on a photo or post is valuable feedback.
  • Talk about the differences between admiration and jealousy. This can help them see the people they follow as role models, rather than people to compare themselves to.
  • Discuss how what’s posted online doesn’t always reflect real life. For example, a company in Moscow rents out a grounded jet as a photography studio. Some social media influencers use this studio to pretend they have a luxury lifestyle.
  • Try guessing if photos on social media have a filter or not. How easy is it to tell? Why might someone use a filter?
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