How do I support my child with GCSE results or A Level results?

GCSE or A Level results can be a challenging time for teenagers. They may be worried about their grades, or what happens next. As a parent or carer, you can help your child to navigate the situation.

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Help your child feel in control

Take some time to speak to them about how they’re feeling. Make sure they understand what’s happening and try to put some structure in place so they feel more in control. It can help to:

  • Create a results day plan. What will happen, when? What does your child need from you on the day?
  • Speak to the school. They will be able to share any facts they have with you.
  • Making sure your child knows you’re proud of the work they’ve put in. Celebrate any success, small or large.
  • Be there to listen and talk whenever your child needs you. Sometimes you might need to start the conversation.

Support your child's wellbeing

Help your child take care of their mental health by understanding any worries and helping them work through them:

Help them look at next steps

Make sure your child knows you support them and will help them work out what comes next. Encourage them to:

  • Look at all the options for the results they have and the future they want.
  • Take time to process result onces they have them, and what that means. Don’t rush into decisions.
  • Avoid panicking. If they don’t get the results they want, there are lots of options such as apprenticeships, foundation degrees and other potential courses.
  • Be proud of what they’ve achieved in such difficult and unusual times.
  • Celebrate what they’ve achieved with family and friends.
  • Speak to their school or college about resits, if this is what they want to do.
  • Contact the National Careers Service for careers advice.

Want more support? For advice on your specific issue, speak to one of our parenting coaches. 

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