How can my child catch up at school?

It’s natural to feel some concern about how your child will catch up with learning after time away from school.

Remember that everyone learns at a different pace, and your child may be feeling some pressure. It’s important that children first settle back into the routine of a structured day. It may take a little time to regain a sense of normality.

Support for children’s mental and emotional wellbeing will also be a focus for schools. 


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Take a positive attitude

  • Focus on the positives as much as possible. Praise what your child has achieved during the pandemic, rather than what they’ve missed.
  • Speak to your child to get a sense of where they are. This may be especially helpful with older students who could more anxious about their next steps. Small, achievable targets are a good thing too.   
  • Be patient with your child. If they’re unhappy they will likely struggle to settle and this may impact their academic progress and wellbeing.
  • Help your child find opportunities to rebuild their social and communication skills. Going to school may mean making new friends. Building social connections will help support your child’s mental health, and academic progress will happen over time. 


Work out the best way to support them

  • Start an ongoing conversation with teaching staff and the school. Ask questions to get a detailed sense of where your child is. Teachers will be watching the children resettle and looking for knowledge gaps.
  • If you’ve spoken to your child about their own thoughts on going back to school, consider sharing this with their teacher. This should help them understand how your child is coping with the change. But check your child is happy for you to share.
  • Where you can, work with your child to support them with work that’s sent home. They may find some tasks more difficult after the break from school. Try to help them build key skills back up bit by bit. 
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