How can I get my child back into a sleep routine before they go back to school?

Your child’s sleep routine may have changed during lockdown. This might be due to changes to home schooling, work and family life. Or your child may have worries about coronavirus, spending time with people again, or going back to school.

You can help your child get back into a sleep routine before they return to school. This will help them feel more able to adjust to any new school routines.



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Tips for establishing a sleep routine

  • Start a new routine gradually. Bring bedtime forward a little bit each night.
  • Wake your child up earlier in the morning.
  • Think about mealtimes and getting them in line with the school day hours.
  • Do activities during the day to use up energy.
  • Put parental controls on their phones and screens so that they start switching off earlier. Screen time just before bed leads to poorer quality sleep.

What to do if your child struggles with sleep


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