How can I get my child back into a sleep routine before they go back to school?

You can help your child get back into a sleep routine before they return to school. This will mean they’re able to adjust more easily to the school day.



Child sleeping

Establishing a sleep routine

Find a bedtime routine that works for your child. If your child has been having lots of late nights it may take time for them to adjust.

  • Introduce a new routine bit by bit. Bring bedtime forward a little each night.
  • Wake your child up earlier in the morning.
  • Think about mealtimes and getting them in line with the school day hours.
  • Do activities during the day to use up energy.
  • Encourage your child to switch off screens a little while before bed.

If your child struggles with sleep

It’s not always easy to adjust to a new routine. Help your child wind down before bed and make their bedroom a place they want to be. You can also:

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