How can we hold Diwali and birthday celebrations during coronavirus?

The coronavirus situation is constantly changing. It may mean thinking out of the box when it comes to celebrating special occasions.

As Diwali gets closer, there are still many ways to have safe fun with your children.

You can also make sure birthday celebrations still feel special, even with new or changing restrictions.

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Diwali is fast approaching and celebrations don’t look like normal this year. Here are a few tips on how to celebrate in a Covid-friendly way:

  • Check what’s happening in your area. In some places there will still be a light display. Other areas may be adapting their events to enable people to access them safely. For example, the Trafalgar Square Diwali Celebrations will be a virtual celebration. So will the famous celebrations in Leicester.
  • Send cards and sweets to family members that you won’t be seeing to help celebrate.
  • If you’re planning to celebrate at home, make sure you know the restrictions for your country or local area.
  • Think about reducing the risk. Can you mix with another family or support bubble safely? Make sure you keep distance between households and wash your hands regularly. Ensure any food is pre-wrapped. You could ask the guests in your bubble to bring their own dishes and cutlery.
  • Make some decorations at home with the children. There are loads of great ideas online to give you some inspiration.

Celebrating your child’s birthday

You can still make birthdays special for your child even if they can’t have a typical birthday party.

  • Have a drive-by birthday parade. Ask friends and family to drive by blowing bubbles and singing ‘Happy Birthday’! Co-ordinate a time for everyone to pass your house. Then, make sure your child is in the right place to see everyone who has come to say ‘happy birthday’.
  • Have a Zoom or Face Time birthday party. Make sure that everyone who is coming has a slice of cake. Think of some games you could play over the video call so you can get the party feeling! Everyone can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ while your child blows out the candles on their cake. You could try hosting a scavenger hunt. Ask everyone on the call to find things in their house: a hat, piece of fruit, a favourite toy. Give points for the first person back with the items.
  • Decorate your house. Make your child feel special using balloons, banners and streamers. Ask friends and family to make and send pictures to add to the decorations so that they can feel part of the celebrations, too.
  • Have a birthday bake off. Decorate cupcakes and see who can make the most show-stopping!
Make a video compilation. If you are good with technology, ask friends and family to send short video clips saying ‘hello’ and ‘happy birthday’. Then, you can edit them together into a video birthday card.
  • Host a video game or Netflix party. For older children, you can make use of the in-built features in some video games or an app like Netflix Party. That way, they can spend time with friends, even if they aren’t in the same room.
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