Baby-friendly Christmas activities

It might be your baby’s first Christmas – or the first Christmas when you’re not too sleep deprived to notice! It is probably not looking how you imagined it would.

You can still make Christmas special even if you aren’t able to get out and about as much as you’d hoped. These fun activities will keep your baby entertained and help create festive memories.

Christmas activities: a baby in a red dress looks up, with a blurry christmas tree in the background

Christmas crafts

  • Make festive playdough. Use a few drops of food colouring to give them colours. Then, add glitter and sparkle. Try adding different extracts or spices like peppermint, vanilla or ground cinnamon. Supervise your child and watch them have fun with the different textures and smells.
  • Handprint paintings. All you need is a piece of paper and some washable paint. Check that the paint label says ‘non-toxic’ and ‘washable’. Or, you could make your own with white flour, warm water and food colouring. Then, try using your baby’s handprints or footprints to make a Christmas tree or reindeer. You can make these into cards to send to friends and family!
  • Make sparkly decorations. Go on a walk to find some pine cones and twigs. Then, cover them with PVA glue, and give your child a glitter shaker. Let your new, homemade Christmas decorations dry for a day.
  • Make paper plate decorations. Decorate a paper plate using any easy-to-hold craft materials. You could use cotton wool as snow, pom-poms for baubles, or paint sticks for a tree. Add tissue paper, stickers, and glitter to top it off.
  • Make salt-dough decorations. Try making a circle and press your baby’s hand or foot into the dough. On the back, write their name and the year. Then, make a hole at the top to thread some ribbon through, and hang it on your tree. It will be a lovely souvenir in years to come.

Christmas activities

  • Make Christmas music with bells and rattles. Your child will love the different noises they can make.
  • Create a Christmas themed sensory tray. Use objects you already have: pine cones, wrapping bows, tinsel, baubles, bells. Just make sure that there aren’t any small items on there.
  • Make a snow scene with shaving foam and play animals.
  • Make a mini grotto. Use a blanket or pop up tent and hang some fairy lights inside. Sit or lie in it together and sing Christmas nursery rhymes or read Christmas-themed books.
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